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Download Candy Crush Saga, the game of the moment!

Candy Crush Saga is the game of the moment. Beautifully designed, it provides hundreds of levels and many hours of fun. Millions of people play every day in every corner of the planet. Begin the wonderful journey of Candy Crush Saga!

Play it everywhere

The Candy Crush Saga style is easy to understand: combine 3 candy (or more) of the same color to make them disappear from the board. While the level of difficulty will gradually grow, truth is that Candy Crush Saga is a perfect game for leisure time.

Use all your intelligence and cunning

Unlike other similar games, every level of Candy Crush Saga have different objectives. Sometimes you reach a certain score while the clock is ticking against you, sometimes you have to destroy boxes of gelatin, and there are even times when only matters to strike certain number of candies of the same color. Fortunately, Candy Crush Saga have all the power that special candies can give (wrapped candy, striped candy, color bombs and other delicious surprises). Get the most of them!.

Top quality graphics and sound effects

Candy Crush Saga has the best graphics among games of its style, with lots of details and effects. At the same time, it has a specially designed sound environment to accompany you as you devour it, level by level. Candy Crush Saga is a unique combination of quality and fun. Be sure to try it!.